Looking for Lincoln would especially like to thank the following people for joining our committees and seeing this project from its inception.

• Ellie Alexander
Pontiac Tourism Director

• Dr. Bryon Andreasen
Research Historian and Lincoln Scholar

• Bruce Baber
Attorney-at-Law, Paris

• Jeanie Baber
Vice-Preisident, Edgar County Historical Society

• Larry Buss
Director of the C.H. Moore Homestead, Clinton

• Chris Corrie

• Paula Cross
Former IHPA Superintendent of Historic Sites

• John Durdle
President, Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society

• Mary Fouts
Memorial Committee, Tazewell County Genealogical and Historical Society

• Freddy Fry
Executive Director, Shelby County Office of Tourism

• Richard Henning
Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee, Officer of Athens Rotary
• Dr. John Hoffman
Librarian and Manuscript Curator, Illinois Historical Survey and Lincoln Room

• Bob Karls
City Administrator, Pontiac

• Cheryl Kennedy
Director, Early American Museum Chair, Champaign County Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

• Dale Kuntz
Board Member, Tazewell County Genealogical & Historical Society

• Deb Leahy
Director, Christian County Historical Society

• John Lupton
Former Associate Director/Associate Editor, The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

• Mary McClellan
Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee

• Michelle Merker
Taylorville Main Street Coordinator

• Jean Myers
Director, Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site

• Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey
Curator, Early American Museum
• Kathleen O'Hara
Co-Chair, Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee

• Susan Richter
Director, Vermilion County Museum

• Jeannie Riordan
David Davis Mansion, Assistant Site Manager

• Randy Robbins
Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Historian

• Wanda Rohlfs
Executive Director, Main Street Lincoln

• Janet Roney
Local Historian and Artist

• Barb Sancken
Local Historian, Pontiac

• Honorable Ron Spears
Circuit Judge for Christian County in the Fourth Judicial Circuit

• Laurie Silvey
Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee

• Phyllis Steinhour
Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee

• Helen Stites
Local Author and Historian, Clinton
• Blanche Stoller
Piatt County Museum

• Cathy Tapscott
Chair, Petersburg Looking For Lincoln Committee

• Vicki Wax
Piatt County Museum Board

• Brent Wielt
Macon County Conservation District: Historic Sites Manager

• Lucia Wilkins
Piatt County Historical and Genealogical Society

• Kay Wolfe
President, Edgar County Historical Society

• Joey Woolridge
Secretary, Clinton Chamber of Commerce/Local Historian

• Dr. Marcia Young
David Davis Mansion, Site Superintendent

Special Acknowledgments

Looking for Lincoln would like to graciously thank Guy C. Fraker and the Papers of Abraham Lincoln for both of whom the study of Lincoln the Lawyer is a labor of love.

In addition, much of the legal information regarding the cases and the background information come directly from these two sources.

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition would like to thank the following individuals and agencies for their cooperation in the
development of this project and this website. Pictures, information, and other support were generously offered and for further
research, images, and queries, feel free to explore the supplied links.

The Abraham Lincoln Association exists to observe each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, to preserve and make more accessible the landmarks associated with his life, and actively to encourage, promote, and aid the collection and dissemination of authentic information regarding all phases of his life and career. Without their hard work and constant drive, we would not be so fortunate as to have such a treasure as “The Collected Works,” which serves as a bastion of primary source material regarding the writings of Abraham Lincoln. Thank you.


The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, for their continued support of the mission of the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition and the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.


The McLean County Museum of History, for all of their simply stunning images of Bloomington-Normal and boundless energy and assistance. In particular Greg Koos, Bill Kemp, and George Perkins


Macon County Historical Society and Brent Wielt, the Historic Sites Manager for the Macon County Conservation District.


Mark G. Woods, for his wonderful photographs of Clinton, Illinois and DeWitt County, both as a professional photographer and as someone who passionately collects and studies images from the past.


Cheryl Kennedy and Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey at the Early American Museum in Mahomet, Illinois for their continued quest into Lincoln and Champaign County and their tireless efforts at telling the stories, in words, pictures, and exhibits at their museum.


Chuck Courtwright and the friendly folks out at the Christian County Historical Society and Museum in Taylorville Illinois for being able to muster up some neat pictures and answer some good questions. Michelle Merker, who introduced me to these fine folks, passed away while this project was being developed, she will be missed.


Larry Buss out at the CH Moore Homestead, in Clinton, IL and his wonderful volunteers like Helen Stites, for always being the friendliest set of faces eager to just sit and chat for a bit…and the cookies…always with the cookies.


Anne Liptak, the County Coordinator for Livingston County on the IL Gen Web Project.  She very graciously supplied some wonderful early images of Pontaic, Illinois.


Ellie Alexander, the Pontiac Tourism Director, for getting in on the ground floor of things and introducing Bob Karls and others in Pontiac to Looking for Lincoln.


In Lincoln, Illinois, two rare gem sites exist almost within a stone’s throw of each other and both of the people responsible need some credit for the hard work they’ve put in over the years: Shirley Bartelmay at the Postville State Historic Site and Ron Keller, the curator of the Lincoln College Museum.


Nancy Glick, the Director of the Havana Public Library, was invaluable in tracking down an image of the elusive Ossian Ross and regaling me with some wonderful stories of Mason County.


A special thanks to all the lovely ladies in Monticello, Illinois: Sue, Vicki, Blanche, and Lucia thanks for all of the hard work you do on a daily basis and for working me in!


Thanks to Dr. Bryon Andreasen, Research Historian at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library for the years of dedication to the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition, as well as Chris Sparks and Dave Blanchette, who are always eager to field a phone call over at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.


Shelbyville has one heck of a lady in Freddie Fry at the Shelby County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Donna Lupton and her brother John were invaluable both at the inception of the project and in finding some fantastic photos and information to use from the Shelby County Historical Society.


Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Palace of the Governors in New Mexico. Just when we thought there was no crisp image of Kirby Benedict, these wonderful folks came through. We also had the time to share some interesting information with them on Lincoln’s Samuel Parks.


Sue Richter at the Vermilion County Museum and Jeannie Cook at the Danville Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for their wonderful pictures of Danville and Vermilion County, past and present.


Jean Myers, the Site Manager for the Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site, has been very helpful in getting some older pictures and information together in regards to Woodford County and Lincoln’s time in Metamora.  It is always a pleasure to deal with such a passionate Lincoln historian.


Stepheny McMahon, the Executive Director of the Sullivan Chamber & Economic Development in Moultrie County, who furnished some rather lovely pictures of the exciting community of Sullivan as it exists today.


Libby Nelson, the Marketing & Sales Director of the Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau, who was exceedingly helpful at obtaining some pictures of the lively and always entertaining downtown activities of Champaign County.


Special thanks to the Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for all of their help in supplying pictures of the city of Decatur and Macon County.


Marian Brisard, Executive Director and her whole team of eager Clintonites at the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Not only have they been passionately driven towards this project and heritage tourism in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, but Marian has consistently been kind enough to let us steal Joey away for a variety of efforts.


Robert Shaw is a brilliant photographer, whose zeal and zest in capturing the past as it reveals itself today, has proven not only inspiring, but highly useful in assembling some of these images. We look forward to continuing to see his photographic displays and essays in the future and keeping the past alive. We hope he stops by the office to just chat again!


A special thank you to the pleasant folks at the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for their assistance with promotional and informational material including images for Woodford, Mason, and Tazewell Counties.


Phyllis and Terry Steinhour were very helpful at volunteering images of the 1832 Stagecoach Inn in Middletown in Logan County and the swath of purported 8th Judicial trail located in Menard County, as well as constantly replacing the often stolen geocache at that site.

A Note and Special Thanks…

It is our sincerest hope that this website is not seen as a conclusion to a process but an initial step forward in an on-going and organic process that will not end here. Rather, it is our hope that through further development within each community, the materials sampled within this website will provide a basis for growth and a template for an expanded collection of materials to bring a greater understanding of Abraham Lincoln's legal career to the community and, in turn, show everyone just how a circuit-riding lawyer, destined for greatness, could leave an undeniable impact on the communities in which he practiced his craft.

Looking for Lincoln would like to once again thank the hard work and lifetime of commitment that Guy Fraker has dedicated to the study of Lincoln and his life as a lawyer; a life that shaped Lincoln in every way and laid the groundwork for his leap forward into the annals of American history.

In addition, we thank the Papers of Abraham Lincoln and their committed researchers and editors who have opened the doors to many researchers for years to come. Their tireless dedication and commitment to the full study of every aspect of Lincoln's career is not only an inspiration to all who would venture forward, but has allowed for a greater understanding of Abraham Lincoln in law, in his life and in his interpersonal relationships. Their daunting legal research into Abraham Lincoln’s legal cases made the court cases featured in this website possible. Enough thanks cannot be given..

The Staff, both past and present includes:

Cullom Davis, Daniel Stowell, John Lupton, Stacy Pratt McDermott, Christopher Schnell, Dennis Suttles, Erika Nunamaker, Kelly Clausing, Ed Bradley, A. J. Aiseirithe, David Gerleman, Susan Krause, Marilyn Mueller, and Carmen Morgan, who keeps it all together.

Their website can be found here: http://www.papersofabrahamlincoln.org

Thank you and we hope that you will never stop…

Looking for Lincoln.