Eighth Judicial Circuit Tours

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition is pleased to offer a series of self-guided tours throughout the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area based on varying locations and interpretations of Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit.

While these multi-day excursions might be too lengthy for some visitors and others might desire more, we have broken them into sections, so that each of the tours can be re-arranged or taken as needed.

It is our sincerest hope that every visitor will find something unique when they go Looking for Lincoln!

Champaign County Hub Tour

Starting out in historic Champaign County, this tour offers a start and finish destination that is full of exciting sites, comfortable lodging, and delicious dining.  From here, each visitor will get a nice launching point from which they can explore the eastern section of Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial.

Decatur Hub Tour

This destination and hub location was where Lincoln arrived in Illinois and saw the events that led to him leaving for the Presidency. Along with Bloomington and Springfield, Decatur is one of the most important cities in Lincoln’s history.

Springfield Hub Tour

The only home Lincoln ever owned, as well as the only official law office he ever had a practice in are located in Springfield making this destination an exciting one to explore and being located centrally, it is a great location to begin your journey.

Bloomington-Normal Hub Tour

The home of two of Lincoln’s greatest friends and supporters, Jesse Fell and Judge David Davis, Lincoln spent a great deal of time in Bloomington-Normal, making this an important stop along your journey.

Abraham Lincoln’s Courthouse Tour

Traveling along this route, though a bit more involved that the hub tours and less so than the full tour, this one explores the courthouses and facsimiles that Lincoln either practiced law in or are preserving his legacy today!

Full Eighth Judicial Experience

This tour is NOT for the faint of heart and should only be undertaken by the most serious devotees of Abraham Lincoln. This bold tour is a multi-day trek across the entirety of Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial in all of its forms. If you are daring enough, click for more.

Circuit Marker Tour

For those who think they can easily muster the strength to take on the Full Eighth Judicial Experience and are looking to discover the legacy of Lincoln and find the routes he traveled or as near as they can be found, this tour will take the visitor into the back country of Lincoln’s Illinois along the Eighth Judicial Circuit…but will only be conquered by the few who are dedicated enough to see it through. You might want to watch the video first.