Decatur Hub Tour

This destination and hub location was where Lincoln arrived in Illinois and saw the events that led to him leaving for the Presidency.  Along with Bloomington and Springfield, Decatur is one of the most important cities in Lincoln’s history and a great place to begin each day’s trek into Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit.

Just as with Lincoln’s own experience, Decatur offers a host of experiences and comfort which make it an excellent place to start your own journey, to find some comfort down the road, and a place to make a great start on the journey of a lifetime!

Day One:

Spending the first day in Decatur and develop a greater appreciation for this important City.  From an original log cabin courthouse in which Lincoln practiced his craft, to the mid-19th century opulence of the Oglesby mansion, and the magnificent prairie of Lincoln’s Illinois, you will most assuredly find Decatur breathtaking.


Macon County Museum Complex
Paris-Springfield Road
Richard J. Oglesby Mansion
Downtown Decatur
Homestead Prairie Farm
Bethel School

Day Two:

The second day offers two different types of cool.  From the cool sites of the Christian County Courthouse’s Lincoln displays and the Christian County Historical Society and Museum with its complex featuring an original 1830 log cabin AND one of the few remaining original courthouses where Lincoln practiced (amongst other sites!) to the cool and relaxing afternoon taking in Shelbyville with its astonishing landscape with just enough time for a dip in the famous Lake Shelbyville.


Christian County Historical Soc.
    & Museum

Christian County Courthouse
The Lincoln Prairie Trail


Shelby County Courthouse
Lincoln Public Square Eternal Flame
Shelby County Historical and
    Genealogical Society

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge
Lake Shelbyville

Day Three:

If you thought yesterday was two types of cool…prepare for three.  From the stunning landscape and beautiful countryside offered on this day to an exploration of the Amish, living just as Lincoln did during his time in Illinois, to the relaxed and historic atmosphere of Monticello, this day is a great way to finish off this tour.  See a cottage, walk in a garden, sip on coffee in a restored church, stroll the historic and see snippets of what Lincoln experienced in these Circuit communities.


Old Order Amish Settlement
Moultrie County Heritage Center
Moultrie County Courthouse


Piatt County Museum
Historic State Street
Monticello Railway Museum
Allerton Park and Retreat Center
Bryant Cottage