Pittsfield and Pike County

Home of one of Looking for Lincoln’s 2015 Signature Events, the Lincoln Days Civil War Reenactment in June, Pittsfield and Pike County is proud to share its Lincoln heritage. All three of President Lincoln’s secretaries hailed from Pike County, and he counted many folks from the area among his friends. The homes of many of those friends are still standing. You can enjoy the stories and learn more about these early Pittsfield residents by taking the Talking Houses of Pittsfield tour. While most of the homes are still inhabited today, one small home, the Shasdid House has been restored and is now open for tours. Stop by the Pittsfield Welcome Center while you’re in town. They’re open M – F, from 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Area Attractions
For more information, contact the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center at 217-285-2971 or visit our website at pikelincoln.com/.
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