Lincoln Courthouse

On the corner of the square, this historic Cass County Courthouse was built in 1844. This is the original building in which Lincoln tried many cases including the famous “Almanac Trial” in 1858. It is still being used as a courthouse today. Lincoln successfully defended Duff Armstrong, the son of one of Lincoln’s old friends from New Salem. Armstrong was accused of murder. The key witness claimed that he saw the whole thing clearly by the bright light of the moon. Using an almanac, Lincoln proved that the moon would have set by the time of this murder, thereby clearing Armstrong of the charges. The courthouse includes an original copy of that edition of the almanac and a famous Lincoln photo taken during the trial. A small museum at the rear of the courthouse features an extensive collection of antique firearms and Indian arrowheads.

Directions/Location: 101 West 3rd Street - 3rd and State Street on the Downtown Square. 45 miles northwest of Springfield on Route 125

Phone: 217-323-3271 or 323-3225

Hours of Operation: April-Mid-December, Monday-Saturday, 10:00-4:00


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