Looking for Lincoln Story Trail - Petersburg/NewSalem

The three waysides in Petersburg tell of Lincoln's early life in New Salem and his later impact on Petersburg, Illinois!

Looking for Lincoln has found an exciting way to tell intriguing Lincoln stories that are unique to each community. Local historians and Lincoln enthusiasts collaborated with Looking for Lincoln in identifying people, stories, and events that connect each community to Lincoln’s story. Together, we designed wayside exhibits that describe all of those thrilling tales that took place on Lincoln’s unimaginable journey to greatness. While some communities might just have a single wayside, some have as many as 15 or 18, while Springfield has 48. Altogether there are 215 exhibits in 52 communities and we want to help you find all of them! 

On our website, you will find a general map to show you where the Looking for Lincoln Story Trail communities are located along with the GPS coordinates for every single wayside and there is a Google Map© on our website that features this and more information!  Additionally, you can find a sample rubbing template that you just print and take with you and don’t forget your camera! If you take a photo of each wayside and make a few notes and observations on your rubbing template, when you are finished, you will have a complete record of your travels that you can enjoy for years to come from your time on the Looking for Lincoln Story Trail!


Hours of Operation:
Year Round!