Lincoln counted many Quincy residents as his closest friends. He served with future U.S. Senator Orville H. Browning and future Governor John Wood in the Blackhawk War in 1832. His contacts with Quincyans in the state legislature and in Whig and Republican affairs were important to his political development.

The hallmark Lincoln connection to Quincy was the historic 6th debate with Senator Stephen A. Douglas, a turning point in the campaign and in Lincoln’s political career. Located in the heart of the downtown historic district, the recently enhanced Lincoln-Douglas Debate Plaza in Washington Park serves as the focus of the Lincoln legacy. At Quincy, Lincoln made his strongest stand yet against slavery. In addition a new Lincoln-Douglas Interpretive Center, across from the debate site, is now open for visitors.

One block south of Washington Park is the restored home of Dr. Richard Eells, an abolitionist and underground railroad conductor whose case was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Governor John Wood Mansion is located at 12th and State and is the home of Quincy’s founder, the 12th governor of Illinois, and Lincoln’s close political ally.

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