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DeWitt County

The first permanent settlement in the DeWitt County was not until 1820 on land previously held by the Kickapoo and Pottawatomi Native American tribes.  Both the county and the count seat of Clinton were named for Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York, who held the position from 1817 until 1823.

It was not until 1835 that Jesse Fell of Bloomington, a dear friend of Lincoln later in life, and James Allin, a state senator, established the city of Clinton in 1835 and the county was organized later in 1839.

Today, the proximity to the exact center of the state of Illinois makes it a destination that's literally easy to reach, but difficult to leave. In Clinton, visitors can explore a rich Lincoln heritage that has remained untouched for years. Discover the important role that Lincoln played in Clinton’s early development for nearly 20 years, beginning with the 8th Judicial Circuit in 1839, two years after Lincoln began the practice of law, until his election as President.

Clinton invites each and every guest to take a walk into history and visit Clinton. Visitors are encouraged to tour the restored mid-Victorian mansion which was the home of the Honorable C. H. Moore, Abraham Lincoln's law partner in Clinton, and stick around for the Apple and Pork Festival in September where entertainment and museum tours are among the festival activities. An estimated 80,000 visitors attend the festival each year.

From a cemetery walk to a festival, from an unbeatable library and museum to walking tours and story trails, and is not too far from Weldon Springs State Park. For the visitor looking an unforgettable experience, Clinton has it all!

By looking at the pictures below, you can get an idea of Clinton and Dewitt County in Lincoln’s time and as it stands today. Maybe you’ll find something unexpected when you go Looking for Lincoln in Clinton and Dewitt County!



Following the route of Lincoln on the Eighth Judicial Circuit is easy, to learn more about the history of the courthouse in this county, just click here!

You may also want to consider a stop by the following sites of interest!

Mr. Lincoln’s Square
C.H. Moore Homestead
Vespasian Warner Public Library
Moore-Warner Farm Management
Woodlawn Cemetery
Weldon Springs
Union School Interpretive Center

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