Mt. Pulaski

During his years as a lawyer riding the 8th Judicial Circuit, Lincoln made many friends as he traveled from courthouse to courthouse. These friends would plan an enormous role in Lincoln’s life as a lawyer and a successful politician. He made many of those connections right here in Mt. Pulaski. A small rural community in the heart of Illinois, Mt. Pulaski boasts a charming town square whose crown jewel is a beautiful red brick Greek Revival building that was the courthouse where Lincoln spent much of his time here. In addition to the courthouse, you’ll also find the Mt. Pulaski Museum and Welcome Center, as well as several quaint shops and restaurants. A trip to Mt. Pulaski is a chance to get off the interstate and explore the landscape that Lincoln the lawyer traveled throughout central Illinois.

For more information, contact the Mt. Pulaski Visitor and Information Bureau at 217-792-3719 or visit their web site at
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